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May 8, 2011

As the days to my first marathon are quickly ticking by and the event is rapidly approaching, I thought I would take a look into my past for a little motivation and fun. My first big race was Boston’s Run to Remember on May 30, 2010. Well that’s a lie, I did run a 10 miler when I was 15 years old but lets just say between the 4 bathroom stops and ruined Nike Tempo shorts, it’s not exactly a race I’d like to recap…..This one was much more memorable and for better reasons.

Sophomore year of college, a tad bit bored and wanting to challenge myself I decided to sign up for the race and get my Dad on board too! He has run 6-7 marathons in his time and although his knees are nothing what they used to be, he signed up enthusiastically! And the training began……

Slow at first; 2 miles here, a “long” 5 miles there. It gradually added up and my pace gradually dropped. My legs grew stronger, and I was amazed at the new distances I could withstand week to week. I did the last few long runs with my Dad, when I returned home from college and before I knew it, it was the big day! Nervous is an understatement, I mean 13.1 is a huge deal for a first timer!

The race itself was an absolute blast and between my rested legs, the masses of crowds, the beautiful Boston scenery, and having my Dad beside me most of the way, it turned out to be one of my strongest runs ever! I finished in about 1:50, but between my Garmin, the start time, and the chip time, I had 3 times to choose from… But time was really not my main concern that day. I was thrilled to be running with my Dad again, and so proud of myself for putting months of training into it. I like to think of the race as a celebration for all of the hours that went in to the preparation.

And that’s just how I’m hoping to feel about my marathon. It’s been a long, cold, Vermont winter and I have logged hundreds of miles out there by myself for this race. I’ve pushed myself out the door in single digit temperatures. I have foregone studying and occasionally a class or two for long runs. And I have really learned a lot about myself, and the city of Burlington for that matter, in the process. As I enter the greatly anticipated few weeks of tapering, I can safely say I have logged those hours and miles that will call for celebration! The three week countdown to one long, painful, fun, and challenging party has begun. Does it sound like something you would prepare months for?

Stay tuned for posts about my training and eventually a race recap!

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