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The Woes of Running

May 8, 2011

Marathon training brings up a few problems for the average college student. Lack of time, sure. Trying to get enough sleep in a house of six girls, yes. But a problem a didn’t anticipate that has surfaced in the last few months, is trying to tame the hunger beast. And on a college budget to boot.

Breakfast this morning consisted of apple maple breakfast sausage, bacon, caramelized onions and mushrooms, an egg, gluten free waffle, and avocado. But this just wouldn’t do for my nagging hunger; I followed this with a banana, a few scoops of peanut butter and a couple spoonfuls of hummus.

Don’t get me wrong; one of my favorite aspects of marathon training is the added bonus of practically never feeling full and eating until my heart’s desire! However, to my bank account’s avail, it puts quite a burden on my weekly waitressing income. My grocery shopping and eating habits have changed quite a bit since the miles have been adding up, but I have found a few things that  have lessened the load.


Buy whole milk yogurt and other full fat dairy to get more satiety for my dollar.


Make my own hummus to adjust the flavors to my liking and save nearly $3 per container. With chickpeas being less than a dollar, you can’t beat it! I load mine with tahini as I love the slightly bitter taste it lends to it.

Peanut Butter wins over Almond butter when I’m plowing through a jar a week. And eggs have become my staple form of inexpensive protein, seeing as I easily consume 18 per week. Cooking with butter and topping most meals with avocado easily adds calories and fills me up as well.

Thanks for stopping by and tell me some of your tricks and tips for filling up and saving some money in the process!

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