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Sittin’ on the Porch, Drinking Ice Cold Cherry Cokes

May 16, 2011

Ok well we don’t even have a front stoop, and I haven’t had a cherry coke since 3rd grade… but Saturday was spent enjoying the simple things in life just like front porches and sugary sodas….


My older brother and I love to go on random adventures together when we get the chance. Its very rare we are both home at the same time, and since we both find joy in simple things it makes spending time together special. Yesterday morning we found ourselves with an open day of possibilities and we decided that we would try and make it feel like the old days. No cars, consumerism, or technology; just the outdoors, bikes, and our imaginations which seem to be harder and harder to dig up as we grow older.

After a beautiful run outside and making Strawberries and Cream pancakes for my brothers, we set out on our  bikes to take full advantage of the clear blue skies. Our first stop was a tiny farm stand in the town over that sold fresh eggs from their own chickens and ducks out back. It was an honors system drop box, which reminded me that there still are good hearted and trustworthy people in the world, despite what the media and news portray everyday. We stopped at another farm for samples of their hummus and to look at the blooming flowers, then made our way home to drop off our purchases.

We headed back out, this time with two old baseball mitts to play catch in the park across from our house. Side note: It’s funny that I can complete a 20 mile training run, but I’ve been sore for 2 days since playing catch. Clearly I’ve been neglecting all upper body strength for the past 6 months  year… I should really do something about that. Anyways, we played for a while reminiscing about  the games we used to play and how hours would feel like five minutes when we were kids playing outside.

We hopped back on our bikes and rode to the natural grocer to get afternoon pick-me-ups. He chose a cola and vegan blondie, and I opted for a gluten free fruit and oat bar baked good and some falafel salad.

Later in the evening my mom roasted up sweet potatoes, baked fresh asparagus, lemon herb chicken, and sweet corn on the cob for dinner. It was the perfect summer time meal (despite the rain and cold temperatures that set in), and even more perfect was eating as a family. We were missing a brother, but it felt like how it used to feel growing up eating meals together every night.

And finally we ended the night on a sweet note. We hopped in the car (first time all day, and only because it had started to rain) and headed to one of our favorite summer ice cream parlors. We enjoyed our scoops, laughing and chatting for quite some time. It felt good to just be living slowly, spending time with family. I’ll be heading back up to Vermont in a week to start working again, so every bike ride, dinner, and ice cream cone I can fit in before then will be savored and precious.

What things do you like to do to slow down your life and live more simply? 

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