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Finding the Light

May 20, 2011

After what seems to have been nearly 2 solid weeks of rain, and 2 solid weeks of me sitting like a bump on a log, I rallied the troops for a little nurture from mother nature. I’ve still been jogging, enjoying the company of friends, and running mundane errands but I haven’t been feeling as inspired or energized as normal and I knew just what would fix that; an afternoon searching for some light in my favorite park. 

I first stopped by the public library to pick up a few books for inspiration, tips, and guides. When I first got my camera a little over a year ago, I spent a lot of time familiarizing myself with the different settings and modes. I let myself get lazy with this throughout the school year however, when the most exciting subjects I had were friends doing keg stands and my car buried under 3 feet of snow. But as the weather warms up I find myself craving to be outside again enjoying the sites and natural beauty.

I toyed around in my yard for a bit first, using manual mode and somewhat lackluster subjects.

Once again I had to bribe my brothers to come with me, this time in the form of frozen lemonades from McDonalds.

The weather still drizzly and fog rolling in off the ocean isn’t ideal for capturing good light but I figured we could try searching anyways.

We found a gorgeous patch flooding in through the tree tops…

…I think we found the only patch of light in our entire town

The marathon course is most likely being re-routed due to flooding on the bike path, my new apartment has an inch of water in the basement, and stir crazy is an understatement of my mood at this point. But with the rain has brought cozy afternoons with friends, calming early morning runs through fog, and ample hours to cook up warm, comforting meals. I just hope I won’t have to go searching so hard for light the next time the mood strikes to capture some photos.

Do you love or hate the rain? What are some of your favorite rainy day past times? 

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