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Vermont City Marathon Recap

May 30, 2011


I did it! I’m in one piece, starving, but in one piece. (In fact as I type this my saintly roommate is making me breakfast in bed!)

First, here are some of the cool stats that the race website put together for each runner:


You can see here I kept a pretty steady pace, but dropped in the last half which is expected. Overall I am so happy with how the race went. I did not have any time goal in mind considering it was my first marathon, but the fact that I was able to maintain a steady pace makes me happy!

The Expo

I went to the race expo on saturday, the day before the race to pick up my packet. I have never attended a big race expo before so this was a fun way to kick off the weekend. It was so well organized, no lines or confusion, very helpful volunteers, and tons of great vendors. The tech shirt is nice, and the race swag was sweet too! I also ended up purchasing a 26.2 sticker for my car, and a bondi band head band. I was very tempted to buy sunglasses, a hat, a lighter shirt, and anything else that was going to help me battle the daunting predicted forecast. But thankfully I didn’t spend my money because the weather ended up being just fine!

The Night Before

That saturday was one of my roommate’s birthdays, so although I regretted not being able to celebrate with everyone, I knew getting a good night sleep would be hard to do in my house. So my Dad picked me up saturday evening and we went to a nearby hotel so I could rest up.

I laid out all of my gear: shorts, sneakers, socks, headband, sports bra, ipod, garmin, fuel, number, and 2 shirt choices depending on how the weather felt the next morning.

I slept fairly well the night before but was wide awake far before my 5:45 am alarm. I drank my chilled coffee, ate my usual pre-run breakfast, and before I knew it we were driving back towards Burlington.

The Race

The start of the race brought showers and cooler ( 67 degrees) temperatures which I really enjoyed. My Dad and cousin were perfectly positioned to see me pass by 3 times, which was a huge moral boost!

I never believed people when they would say that miles and miles just flew by during a race, but in all honesty the first 9 miles were a blur. Probably because a big portion of those miles were an out and back, so I was highly distracted by all the runners on the other side of the road.

By mile 9 we were back in the center of town, and after spotting my family again I was still feeling good and strong. Miles 9-14 brought on some gorgeous lake views, and some supportive crowds throughout the neighborhoods. I took in my honey stinger fuel at mile 10, some orange slices, water at every mile, and a cup of gatorade every so often.

Mile 15 brought on the famous “Assault on Battery”, which was a .3 mile daunting climb. My dad and cousin were right at the bottom cheering me on, and between the massive crowds and energizing drumming group keeping me on cadence, I made it up just fine. This really was the only hill on the course, which made things as enjoyable as they can be during a marathon.

My toughest miles were 19-22. I walked through some water stations and stretched out my hamstrings a few times. My feet were throbbing, and my knees and hamstrings were very stiff. Every so often I did some ‘butt kicks’ and ‘high knees’ just so loosen up the joints that had been in the same position for nearly 4 hours.

The last 5 miles were on a shaded bike path, and I ran along the gravel to lessen some of the pounding. That seemed to help a bit and I got into a groove as I played Eminem’s ‘Till I Collapse” on repeat for about an hour. And at mile 24 my roommate and one of her friends joined me to finish up the race! This was a huge help, and I was surprised that I was able to chat a little with them. They veered off just short of the finish area, and I gave it all I had for the last .2

My Dad was designated camera man for the day and did a great job, thanks Dad!

My Dad, and 2 cousins and one of their boyfriends were along the finish line. I was handed chocolate milk and a banana and shuffled off into the crowd to find them. The race had a great reuinion tent set up with big letters posted so you could meet up with family. We didn’t need to use that but I imagine that it was a helpful way to find family in a sea of people.

We sat around and chatted for a while, I collected some free goodies, and then I met up with a few other friends who came down to support me! Having so many friends and family around made such a big difference in how I felt during and after the race!

After a grueling mile walk back to my house, I was hit with intense nausea and had to bid my family goodbye. All I could manage to do was lie in bed with an ice pack on my head and slowly sip gatorade and water. I was bummed that I couldn’t enjoy the afternoon and celebrate, but the last thing I wanted to do was eat or even be standing up. About 3 hours later the nausea passed and I managed to stomach a big bowl of rice pasta. I needed something pretty bland and that did the trick.

Once I showered and snacked some more I went downtown with a friend to get ice cream and slowly stroll around. It hurt but helped me from getting too stiff. A few more meals later I was finally feeling much better, and hit the hay around 9pm! It felt amazing to crash hard, and this morning I’m feeling fairly functional, all things considered.

It was an amazing experience and such a great day! The volunteers put on a great race for nearly 8,000 runners and everything seemed to have run smoothly.

Now I must go pack up my entire house and move everything out by noon tomorrow! This should be interesting….

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  1. May 31, 2011 11:23 pm

    WOO congrats sis great pictures im so proud of you!

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